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President Richard stock mic substitute

Shadetree Mechanic

808 On The North Side of Dover
Oct 23, 2017
The First State (Delaware)
A big thank you to @Handy Andy & @NZ8N for guiding me through the mentioned modifications. Because of that the Richard has been given a second chance in the truck. I owned one before and tried to use it in another truck but it just didn't talk like the radios I'm used to running. I really wanted to like the radio but it was just a turd... Today it replaced the C 29 that sat in that overhead for the last year with the Richard to see how it does in the real world. So far it's done much better than expected with several conversations to which all have asked what radio was being used. Night and day difference from the stock Richard and plays well with the 636L. Several steps up from the just ok radio it started as.

P.s. @Slowmover I know it isn't a side mic!

So far so good so we'll see how it does in the long term.

Gentlemen, I appreciate it very very much
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That's some good stuff right there. I too am greatfull for all the knowledge that people give here, and the only prerequisite is that you are willing to learn. I follow along on all the repair and mod threads, this is one of the few hobbies where component level electronics is a mainstay. The President Richard has now made it to my short list of radios to buy.


8-2-8 in the Lonestar state
Feb 21, 2016
The Lonestar State
Update: day 3 of using the modified Richard and it's talking really really well. I have to say it's become a really likeable radio in the big truck and talks like a big truck radio should.

Another feature that I never adapted to the first round was the auto squelch, so this time a round it's also become likeable and really useful other than......
With the heavy skip coming in today the radio doesn't know that, so the skip comes in but does so really choppy. Not a failure of the design by any means though as when no skip conditions are present it does exactly as advertised.
Back to the mod, it performs very well and nothing adverse as of yet. I had been slightly concerned about heat build up but even after lengthy conversations running with other trucks it hasn't been an issue.
So far so good!


Feb 17, 2015
Where the West Begins.
Auto Squelch ain’t worth much when mobile (at work). I doubt there’ll be a superior circuit to what is to be had at present for this to be true.

An exception is at a remote job site where a truck wrangler and his remuda are trying to avoid collisions. Just need close/local.

Call it a three-mile radius.

Tell the big boss to put in better radios and take it out weekly if the other hands are cheap, stupid, or both as them Whisper-brand CBs & BrokeDick antennas ain’t gettin’ it.

A few Billy Big Rigs out on the highway won’t change this.

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Jun 14, 2008
North Carolina
This is by no means a technical answer just a practical observation. On the President Andy a standard stock dynamic mic sounds a lot better than the President stock mic. The President stock mic produces a tinny sound with my voice. I do not know if the Andy shares any similarity in the audio section. If you have a standard Superstar coffin style mic I have always had success with those when the fancy mics do not work well. I have a natural tendency to overthink things at times.

I have found that the "Supertar" mic element is a great option for most President radios. If you want to keep your up/down buttons and don't mind sacrificing a superstar mic (DM-507 series), the element from it will fit inside the original President up/down button mics that come with the Lincoln, Richard, Ronald and such. It is a perfect fit inside that housing as there is a place for a dynamic element that appears to be made for it once you take the superstar element out of the white plastic enclosure it is housed in inside the original DM-507-X microphone. Just be careful that you don't destroy the little vent baffle on the side of that element in the process. If you rip or destroy that little vent filter over that hole, it will totally change the sound of that element. If you are successful, you will have the Superstar sound but keep the original features and stock Look! Just remember to select dynamic instead of electret in the radio's menu. I did it. It works great!

Handy Andy

Do Your Research First, Then Decide...
Apr 23, 2018
Just remember to select dynamic instead of electret in the radio's menu. I did it. It works great!


And for those whom play along at home - Q300 is the power to the Mic Element - it's a switch (High Gain NPN) used to sink the power arriving for the STOCK Mic's Handsets' Electret Condenser Mic Element - which is why the STOCK Mic seems to work better than any Dynamic - it's Audio power drive is "pushed up" so most would favor the Factory Mic element versus the typical Dynamic - although a POWER Mic would work to replace the Factory - Remember, again, the Q300 SWITCH has to BE ON (Dynamic on Menu) to enable the dynamic amplifier versus the attenuated one.

There is also another "quirk" that can alter this.

IF you run a power mic and choose Electret - there isn't enough power to boost or run a typical STOCK power mic, there is an electrical presence that "mushes" the power Mic audio also due to the DC supply avaialble to power the Electret.

This is from the R300 1.8K (182) resistor, it current limits the power supply and provides the "working Impedance" the Electrets' output, uses. Else if Q300 is on - it SINKS Audio Power and the Electrical FEED power AT THE SAME TIME.

  • So again, this tends to force others whom want to be "loud" to use the Stock Mic's Electret Element because to enable Dynamic, then forces the Machine to also sink Mic Audio Power directly thru Q300. (It's done thru that R300 1.8K [182] and the ever-present R368 10K [103] Resistor inclusive)

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