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President Washington CB Radio Base Station AM/USB/LSB


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Oct 27, 2005
I have a GOOD WORKING President Washington CB Radio Base Station that I'm selling . This has a 5 pin mic jack , not a 4 pin . But it does have the President name on it , and not not Uniden . This radio has recently been to an experienced radio tech and checked out , and everything is fine . I've also used it since it's been back . It receives well , and gets good audio reports from everyone that hears it . You'll see a knob for extra channels in one of the photos , someone else put those into the radio ... and another picture shows a 3 way toggle switch someone installed on the back for a 10 KC switch . Both the knob and the switch work , but I never use them . The top of the case is a little scratched up and I made sure to get a couple pictures of that so you could see that as well . Make sure you take a good look at all of the pictures I've posted in the auction , so you know what you're buying . I try to as honest as I possibly can be .

It is in good working condition , but please remember that this a 40 YEAR OLD RADIO ... so it is being sold "As Is" . I'm asking $200 , plus shipping ... and I prefer Paypal payments . If interested , send me a message . Thanks


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