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QSL cards and 10 meters

Discussion in 'Interesting DX Contacts' started by ghutch, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. ghutch

    ghutch Active Member

    Sep 24, 2010
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    Could not get the cards I posted to edit so my 10 meters report here.
    10-12 has been showing to be "fair" conditions.....yesterday and today both were decent for Dx, it just took more operator effort. As the upper band conditions are posted as fair or poor many days it has much fading but the contacts are still out calling just the signal levels are poor. If the noise floor is decent I've made several of these posted with absolutely zero signal level on the meter.....audio comes thru 100 percent just no signal. This morning several contest guys were calling from Europe and many other folks just out making contacts. Tried QRP early but conditions forced 100 watts to get thru the pileups...all below are from my mobile 100 watt radio, Wilson mag mount and saltwater bay as a ground plane. If you guys have access to a saltwater bay or beach front do yourself a favor and spend a few hours operating as close as you can get to the water.....you will like it. My home location with the "Big Antenna" (40 meter loop) isn't even in the same ball game. I can drive inland from the water just a few hundred yards and note a huge change down in signal levels. Hope everyone has a good Weekend and good Dx. 73 KF5VDX
    LU1FAM 10m 28.480 SSB FF97pb [​IMG] Argentina
    EU7A 12m 24.949 SSB KO53ev [​IMG] Belarus
    ON6MM 10m 28.480 SSB JO20uo [​IMG]Belgium
    E73S 10m 28.433 SSB JN92er [​IMG] Bosnia and Herzegovin 5watt mobile [​IMG]
    CE1OEB 10m 28.471 SSB Chile
    EG9ØIARU 12m 24.945 SSB [​IMG] Spain Special Event Station
    9A9A 10m 28.427 SSB JN75ws [​IMG] Croatia
    DG1RUG 10m 28.455 SSB JO30xr [​IMG] Germany
    TC1ØØGP 10m 28.455 SSB KN30fe [​IMG] Turkey
    F5NBU 10m 28.565 SSB France
    VK3AKK 10m 28.480 SSB QF21et [​IMG] Australia
    ZL1AA 10m 28.455 SSB New Zealand
    HA7UL 10m 28.435 SSB JN97kk [​IMG] Hungary [​IMG]
    CT3IQ 10m 28.516 SSB JJ00xa [​IMG] Madeira Island
    EA4EUI 10m 28.465 SSB Spain
    F5PSG 10m 28.425 SSB IN87xi [​IMG] France 5 watt mobile
    4Z5IW 10m 28.491 SSB [​IMG] Israel
    OE6BMG 10m 28.471 SSB Austria
    J79MM 10m 28.480 SSB Dominica
    HB9DEN 10m 28.455 SSB Switzerland
    OM3TWM 12m 24.935 SSB Slovak Republic
    IW1CHX 10m 28.503 SSB Italy
    HA5MY 10m 28.509 SSB Hungary
    TMØGA 10m 28.460 SSB France
    EB1DJ 10m 28.504 SSB Spain [​IMG]
    DK3EE 10m 28.485 SSB Germany [​IMG]

  2. w9cll

    w9cll W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member

    Jan 19, 2013
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    Good work there. I have a few of those calls in my log as well.

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