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Radios and equipment for sale

UNIDEN PRO510XL Mobile CB Radio & UNIDEN PRO520XL Mobile CB Radio. $80.00 + Shipping for both radios. I purchased these radios new in October 2021. Both radios are in excellent working and aesthetic condition with no modifications and with factory boxes and accessories.
1- Vintage GE- 3-5871B 40 Channel CB Base Radio with factory box, microphone and accessories. Perfect working and aesthetic condition. $100.00 + Shipping.
1- Two-month-old President Bill with RM Italy KL200 amp. The dead-key on the radio has been professionally reduced to two-watts to match-up with the amp and they work great together. $165.00 + shipping.
1- New, YAESU FTM-400XDR/DE 2-Meter / GMRS Radio with MARS MOD. $475.00 + shipping. I ordered / purchased this radio not realizing it is a two-piece radio. I prefer to have a one-piece unit.
1-New, President Johnny III. $75.00 + shipping.
I have 2 of those older Uniden Pro 520XL's, 1 made in Malaysia and 1 made in the Philippines. Is one or the other of the 2 better than the other, (More reliable, better parts, better assembly, better quality control, etc...), than the other? I'm just curious if anyone here may know.
In theory the Philippines one is the better of the two but they will both be pretty close in performance and reliability.

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