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Rare meteor storm possible over Memorial Day weekend

I'd like to see a good shower; a storm would be nice. Not the kinds of storm we've had all day here in the central Kitsap county of WA state. Many years ago I built a 12-inch mirror, trying my best to get a close-to-perfect curve. When I was done I packed it securely and sent it from Las Vegas down to an optical lab in San Diego. This place did all the fine testing for mirrors from our workshops. Then they'd aluminize it and do a "computer aided" report. Special rate for students from out of state was $40, with the report included.

Note that came in with that report said that my mirror was the nearest thing to a perfect surface he'd ever seen. I got it mounted in a good equatorial mount on a REALLY heavy tripod. When I went into the Navy, my folks told me to sell my star stuff. The head of that lab wanted it, and for $2900 he took it home.

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    Listening 50.145 USB Beaming YOU Crawdad :coffee: :ROFLMAO:
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    Moved to 50.125
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    Just home BJ, had to miss this morning's 6m extravaganza.....
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    It was a little flat...Sigs were there to work.....Had to wait for the "wave" to crest...then pounce! :LOL: :ROFLMAO: The 2m guys on EAST COAST TROPO this morning...op's were leaving 6m and working 2m SSB because it was wide open (100m-800m range) ...Even seen reports op's working 200+ miles on FM SIMPLEX(50w and a Stick) also. So interesting day so far(y)
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    Band will open next 60m ??? I think it will happen :giggle: How open that is the ?????:giggle:(y)