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RCI 2950 first gen talkback , hmmm ?? Already clipped D78 and capped D115


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Feb 21, 2011
New Jersey
Hey guys and dolls ! As you may have read in my other threads I have a 2950 first gen that has had many problems but she is still alive and thanks to fresh finals and my lighting work-around it works great !

Im a talkback lover so after doing some reading I opened her up to find D78 clipped on one leg and D115 replaced with a .0047 puff cap but it still has no talkback at all ? I replaced the cap , I returned it to stock configuration and re-modded it fresh but still no talkback ??

What is my next step my friends ? Now that its aligned and talking its ass of I want to put it in the truck but I would really like talkback without adding a board or a crap power mic with a talkback feature !

This radio has been ridden hard and put away wet but she is alive and fresh now so Im hoping this wont be a major problem to get her talking back to me !!

Thanks as always , 4-2-ZERO in the Garden State - Brian
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Dec 25, 2017
An Echo mic with variable talkback resistor will not work, as the speaker in the Ranger is already grounded.

The circle is for the transistor for the unmuting circuit for CW, connect the center pin to the grounded pin behind it, or any board ground to unmute the audio amp chip for talkback.
I think the Alternate location sounds more natural.
Lower value resistor is louder, I used to use 330k to 470k.

RCI2950 talkback.jpg
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