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RCI2990 sez "I'm melting, melllltiiiiing!


Analog Retentive
Apr 3, 2005
Louisville, KY
The RCI2990 should have a fuse no bigger than 4 or 5 Amps in the AC line fuse, right?

So what happens if you use a 20 Amp fuse? To start, insulation will melt from the heat of the transformer's wires.


In this case, it seems the two low-voltage secondary wires have melted together and shorted.


And these choke coils got pretty hot before the house breaker tripped.

The High Rupture Current fuse says 20 Amps. Leads me to suspect the house breaker was rated at 15 Amps. The fuse didn't trip.

No idea how this radio got to be this way to start. Now it has a chinesium switchmode brick. I have sold almost a dozen of this type transformer on Ebay. They started piling up. Didn't send them to the scrap yard. They don't bring a lot of money on fleabay, but at least they aren't going to the landfill.

This transfomer will be getting scrapped. Just don't trust it.


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