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Reclaim LSB 16

I scan LSB 16, USB 40 and LSB 35-40 every so often. Conditions have not been great. I'll keep randomly scanning on occasion, but I'm definitely going to focus on making contacts the October 14-15th week-end on LSB 16. The more of us that are out there on the coordinated dates the better the chances that we get repeats of the types of results we enjoyed in October and November of last year.
I've called out a few times on LSB 16 and thought I heard some operators talking, but too distant for me. I did have a QSO with 225 on USB 40. The rest have been between 365 and 435 LSB.
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OCTOBER 14-15th LSB 16 NET

Just a friendly reminder that we are going all out on LSB 16 this week-end. We'll follow our old protocol of starting at noon eastern time on Saturday and then aiming for every hour on the hour after that. We'll do the same on Sunday.

Fall weather conditions are showing up. Cold fronts are moving in. The factors that seemed to give us great LSB 16 DX week-ends this time last year will hopefully work for us again.

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