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Reclaim LSB 16

I found the predictor(s) but not sure how to use it….yet.

Skip was running when I got on around noontime Eastern.
I was using the 505 Washington DC callsign. I preface with WWDX, WWDX.

scary not knowing if I am getting out.

a few that were pretty strong and clear were: 51 Central Oregon and 8255 Arizona.

I don’t know if they were strongly amplified stations or lucky with promo!
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The propagation forecast for today, September 9th for the 12 to 10 meter bands is "GOOD". We'll need to put that to the test on our usual schedule today and tomorrow.
Hopefully it holds true today and tomorrow, would be great to make contact with my WWDX Friends, Won't be on the radio today due to working, but will be on the air Sunday afternoon,hope you all have a great weekend ahead!!

There is activity on LSB 38 this afternoon, but it isn't the dreaded pile-up. There is some background activity on both LSB 16 and USB 40. However, I haven't heard any stations looking to make DX contacts. I'll try again now at 4:00P.M. eastern, but the Miami vs. Texas A & M game will get my undivided attention after that.

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  • @ Wildcat27:
    Hello I have a old school 2950 receives great on all modes and transmits great on AM but no transmit on SSB. Does anyone have any idea?
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    Good evening from Sunny Salem! What’s shaking?