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rotor control ..remote

Nov 2, 2013
i am looking to run my rotor in line with win4icom software , is there software available [preferably free]..dont want HRD , dont need it just for rotor control ..if possibly using only for that purpose


W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member K5KNM
Feb 11, 2007
Yes, you need to say what rotor/controller you have.

N1NM logger is free and has rotor control in the software. I use this if I don't have HRD open already and it's a very basic program but it gets the job done.

Here's the rotor controllers it supports.

Supported Rotator Types

  • DCU1 – No Stop button supported.
  • M2 Orion – Speed shown to bottom right of status bar.
  • Prosistel
  • AlfaSpid
  • Yaesu
  • RC2800P-A
  • Rotor-EZ
  • AlfaSpid ROT2
  • Prosistel C
  • Green Heron RT-21 (use DCU-1 option or Rotor-EZ setting

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