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Royce electronics

Turbo T

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Feb 2, 2011
Anyone have any testimonials with Royce radios? Can they be tuned up to sound good?

Do they all use the cybernet chassis? Or did they do their own thing?

Also I'm almost certain they're out of business? What led to their downfall?

Call me crazy....but I'm sorta digging this 40 channel 1-648. I like the big meter and knobs. ;)


I have one just like that good littel talking cb. Royce made some nice stuff there mobil units were as good as any you could put in your car talk as far as anyone out there , barefoot and a good antenna. Have fun.
Royce was a good radio for it's time. As I recall they were positioned in the mid-market for those that wanted something better than a Kraco but not as high end as a Tram or Browning. Solidly built, many had innovative features not found on other radios in their price range. Their big selling point was the 'Gyro-Lock' which was billed as being rock solid on frequency. In my opinion they were right up there with Pearce-Simpsons for build quality and reliability. I've had several, and wouldn't mind adding a nice example of one or two to my personal radio museum.

Sadly Royce, like so many other brands faded away at the end of the great CB boom. I think by 1982 they were gone but they may have bailed out even earlier.
You know, that reminds me.....did Royce make anything other than CB gear and maybe the T-024 "freedom phone III" cordless phones?

I think I recall seeing, as a young lad, a yellow box in our closet with the big R on it...but my folks never got into the CB thing. And we didn't get our first cordless phone until sometime in the late 80's.

A CB repairman recently gave me one of his old parts radios, which was on it's way to the trash, a Royce 1-612 23 ch mobile. So far it powers up but no mic...I did cross the 2 pins that puts it in xmit mode. So there's hope it works fine.

But upon looking it, it looks like (to me anyways) a well built piece, but different from the Uniden chassis stuff I am so used to.
Had a Royce 639 and absolutely loved it. It was my first SSB rig and was combined with the old handheld D-104 and a Wilson V5/8.

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I have a Royce 23 CH SSB base, model 640 from 1975 and it is one good little radio!!! It sounds great on AM (and on SSB it rocks) has plenty of audio!! :)
I have a near minty Royce 1-642 AM/SSB 40 ch. base with the built-in clock. It has a bit of an oddball chassis (PLL is CCI3001) but is puts out 24W SSB on my Bird 43A wattmeter into a dummy load, and it sounds amazing! AM deadkeys about 3.5W and swings to about 17W. Has a bank of upper channels in it (27.425-27.595).

In particular, all of the Royce 40 ch. AM/SSB rigs talked real well, solid on frequency. Good old rigs!

I like it. I need to find a Pal VFO for it to use it on all 40. It sure is a talker for sure!!!!!
Royce 642

Nice setup ExitThirteen.

Hope to have a matching Royce mic for my own 642 one day.

Do you have an owners manual??

I have a SAMS manual, but not an owners manual for my 642.

Have searched but nowhere on the net to down load one. :confused:


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