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Service manual President Jackson PCB PB-042AE


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Jun 24, 2023
Sweden near the Arctic Circle

I am looking for a service manual for a President Jackson, which can be seen in the attached photos, and I have tried hard to find it, but to no avail. My friend, who is the owner of the radio, says that it intermittently refuse to switch to TX. There is, as he said, not the microphone because he tested three different and same problem occurred. I have not been able to get same symptom on my bench, so I do not know ... :rolleyes:




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Here is what I have. Don't know if it will help you.


  • president_jackson_pb-042_sch.pdf
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  • Uniden_Export_Service_Manual.pdf
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I picked one up at an estate sale and it did not transmit at all. It did not even trigger the XMT light. I started with a recap and a good cleaning and the radio works great!!
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