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Swr with new antenna?


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Aug 25, 2006
Ok guys i have a problem. Im running a stryker 655 and a 4 pill fatboy linear with a wilson 5000 antenna. I just bought a sirio 5000 and mounted it on my wilson magnet mount. Swr is 1.4 on channel 1. Swr is 1.5 on channel 40. The problem now is when i use my fatboy linear the swr goes past 3.0 on channel 1 and 40. With my wilson antenna they are 1.5 at the most on any channel. Can anyone tell me whats going on.

DO NOT use a Sirio 5000 on a Wilson mag mount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first branch you hit will knock it right off the roof. You will need a much more heavy duty magnet mount since the Wilson mag mount is on 4.5" in diameter. The Sirio mag mount is 6 or 6.5" in diameter.
SWR using a Sirio or Wilson should never go past 1.2 if everything is done correctly.
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