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Apr 4, 2005
Ok, I did it. I am going to miss the old freeband, but I passed (aced) the Tech test last night. Repented, and converted. CW and General scheduled in 2 weeks.
Lots of CB stuff for sale in the near future. The 857 (thanks for correcting me) is ordered, and the VX 170 came in today.
Am I going to miss 11 meters?

Congratulations Skeeterman !

I think you will find a lot of good stuff on the ham bands, especially if you get your General ticket.

As for the freeband, you should get your fix from the other HF bands you will get when you upgrade.

I have my General but I still talk you my local friends on CB ch. 37 lsb most everynight, but I don't want to risk everything I worked for to get a General ticket so I stay off the freeband these days. Everything in life is a compromise :)

Again, congrats !
KingCobra_CDX882 said:
welcome aboard..

you will enjoy it

but it is a expensive hobby...lol


Any hobby can be expensive.There are a lot of folks here on this forum that have more money tied up in freeband stuff than a lot of hams do in thier entire stations.My first station was a flea market special and set me back a whole $125.I worked the world on CW and AM,yep that's right AM.I had a DX-60B,HR-10 rx, and HG-10 vfo from Heathkit.Actually I still have them. ;) Going back to AM a bit heavier this winter after I get the new-to-me RCA tx converted to 80m.Actually it will be a LOT heavier,like 900 lbs. :shock: ;)

Oh and congratulations Skeeterman !
You can still use your CB radio gear if you're a licensed ham...just stay within CH1-40, keep the power down to legal limits and use AM or SSB - no FM and CW. You won't have a problem.

Both me and my XYL are licensed; we use CB quite a bit - for things such as bike-to-bike comms when we're on the road. (Honda, Harley and the motorcycle aftermarket won't build for motorcycling hams any decent amateur gear which seamlessly integrates into the various stereo systems which we have on our bikes...so we're stuck with using what WILL work. In this case, the OEM's 'accessory' CB rigs.)

I've got a decent collection of base and mobile CB rigs - older stuff from the late 70s/early 80s. When one of us is out and about on 2 wheels, the other has one of those rigs turned on and monitoring CH1 - which, by the way, is favored by a number of motorcycle touring clubs for member comms...
Welcome aboard Skeeter CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

You dont need to spend a lot to get a decent xcvr these days for $300 to $500 you can get a decent hf rig and antenna.Your into the best Hobby in the world now with many fine activities and people ,its a lifetime endeavor for fun! and dont let the OT JURKS bother you they all started somewhere.Some like code others dont,Iam a code lover myself so be it,Its all about fun and the ADVENTURE! :D 73/GL/DX
Congrats on new your new priveleges.Good luck with General/CW test..............but please remember v/uhf sideband work is alot of fun,6 meters is a kick in the ass ..........lots of great DX. Once again good luck :)
There are a couple other members that also got their Tech license recently. One last week and the other a few months ago. I will leave it up to them if they want to tell who they are. ;)
Congratulations to you Marven.
Good luck with learning code and passing the general written test.

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