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Tele star super Magnum with 6 450 tubes value?

Discussion in 'Ham Equipment' started by Chris Meadows, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. Chris Meadows

    Chris Meadows New Member

    Apr 20, 2018
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    Trying to find the value of a tele star super Magnum, my step dad died and I'm pretty sure he paid 1200 with a 1500 ish value, any information would help, we're trying to settle my mom's estate.


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  2. nomadradio

    nomadradio Analog Retentive

    Apr 3, 2005
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    Good chance that finding out the condition is the single most-vital thing anyone will want to know.

    This amplifier was built as a hot rod. High performance, but easy to drive into a ditch, so to speak. Checking a car for a bent frame is not tough, but identifying damage in a big amplifier like this one can be more subtle. Damaged parts that are shorted out internally may look perfectly okay.

    This one probably has type "8930" tubes. This one has become rather expensive the last ten years. Could be that the three tubes have a higher market value than the whole amplifier in working condition. There are more people looking for tubes right now than there are people looking for this amplifier.

    But this is a bit like buying a car parked in the front yard with weeds grown up around it. They may tell you "Just needs a battery, drive it anywhere".

    If you can't demonstrate that it works, you can expect only offers around the salvage-value price. It has a few additional parts inside that are expensive. Expensive, as in roughly the price that the working amplifier might bring. Not so different from a 4-cylinder front-wheel drive four-door that needs a motor.

    Could be that this amplifier is "totaled", because it needs parts that cost more than it would in working shape.

    Could be that it's in perfect condition. But if you can't convince the buyer, he'll only want to pay salvage price.

  3. Chris Meadows

    Chris Meadows New Member

    Apr 20, 2018
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    It was all set up and working before he died, he has boxes and boxes of tubes, he didn't halfway anything when it came to his radio equipment, his handle was Aggie or aggravator for a reason. Out of Michigan and he LOVED that box . Thank you for the info, any thing specific I should look for?
  4. BJ radionut

    BJ radionut Supporting Member and 6m addict

    May 9, 2008
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    Chris M.: Like NOMAD said that could have couple different tubes installed...The 8930's were a Hot Rod versions of the 4cx250b tubes...The 4cx250b tubes are still very common...Military had MILLIONS built for equipment made from 40's thru 60's...I have seen them at swap meets for anywhere from $25-$80 dollars NIB(depending on brand)
    (RCA's/Eimac's are the most popular)...used ones maybe half that...
    Those amps typically had 4 tubes installed...They were really not made for the Amateur Radio usage...though some did come out as 6 meter amplifiers...(but that was to try and skate the FCC rules)...they were made to easily covert to 11 meters.
    They were never an FCC approved Amateur amplifier.
    How long has it been sitting without use is a good question, most would be interested in knowing.
    I can't give you an honest estimate of resell...
    Like Nomad said many factors would determine that value. (whether it has new or used tubes installed/type of tube) general condition of chassis interior and exterior...etc...
    Now as to the Boxes/Boxes of spare tubes...
    Best to organize those by numbers/Brand...check each box to see if the number and brand matches the tube inside the box. Look for scratches or marks on the pins...this will tell if tube is used or new(normally)
    And list them on sites like this with the asking prices...but be careful where you check pricing... some Ebay, "Buy it Now" prices are can be inflated on certain tubes...(but there are very responsible dealers on there)...Plus Most of these Dealers also have Tested the tubes before offering for sale. Untested tubes can be a crap shoot...
    Best to look at dealers like Tube depot or Antique Radio supply(google vacuum tubes 4 sale) to see what they ask for, and then price them accordingly.
    That is if your wishing to move them quickly.
    Then also, once you have a list complied,Some you can Email about purchase of the entire lots, yet remember they have to purchase them at prices they can resell for quickly and respectable levels. Most will want you to ship them, so they can evaluate the condition before making an offer.
    Sorry for your Loss, Hopefully your Father passed peacefully.
    All the Best

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