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Thoughts on Stryker Radios


Nov 3, 2022
If you want a AM,FM and SSB the 955 is the way to go. I love SSB. If I was going to buy right now I would try and find a 955v1. If I couldn’t find a v1 then I would go for the Anytone at-6666 over the 955v2. Right now the audio on the V2’s isn’t up to par with the V1’s, straight out of the box and modified. When I was in the market for my radio I couldn’t find a new 955V1 at all. So I went with the Anytone at-6666. I love it!! It’s very similar to the 955v1 in performance. And most modifications for the 955v1 can be done to the Anytone. The Anytone is smaller, a compact size that packs a punch.

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