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Thoughts on Stryker Radios


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Jan 29, 2006
I own two 955s. I have a V1 and a V2. Both are very nice radios. Yes, mine had/have a couple of quirks, issues. I had one waranteed that actually did not need to be. A user fix came out later. My V2 has had upgraded finals and the radio kicks royal ass. Keep in mind that I am a hobbyist and like to play around to see how tings work. But, these radios are excellent right out of the box. They need nothing but an 11 meter unlock.

My V1 is stock as far as parts go. I have tweaked it a little to optimize output and adjustability for running an external amp. They both have incredible audio so you can not do wrong either way. I have decided that the V2 is my daily rig, and the V1 is packed up in the box sitting on the shelf. I did this because of the updated finals.
Updated finals?
Vishay IRF520 > ON Semi FQP13N10 ?

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Jul 29, 2022
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It's already been said and said again. AM/FM/SSB >> SR955 or go cheap and be sorry later.

Proud owner of SR955 and kicking myself for going cheap early; I've shelved the SR655. Boxed up and ready to ship :eek:
It was into the shop for a new front face, bezel and displays. The left side metering display mysterously fogged up. Meter not replaceable alone. Had it tuned while it was on the bench. Got it home and it went straight to the self. 1W dead key capable.

Another consideration is VFO mode. You want it, along with SSB. And that lame band selector switch; poo poo. How many bands are you going to spin the dial for? There isn't one for Buckethead, nor Alan Jackson :eek: The SR955 has a single Band slide switch and use the Freq. knob to change Band. I've no idea how many Stryker models are programmable. Get the Stryker software, manipulate the various parameters, more than can be done manuelee, very quickly. I've got a special roger beep programmed for 111111...111 interferrence.
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Jan 29, 2006
Nope. Got the IRFZ24N in there. This thing is a beast. Still, I never exceed 100 pep with it. If I need more I use the amp. Having that overhead is always good.
Don't find a lot of info on the "upgrade". Just swap them out and re-bias? Just the finals or all 4?



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Aug 27, 2008
Quote,I've got a special roger beep programmed for 111111...111 interferrence.

And that keeps him off the air and keeps him from doing that ? If so that's great !


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Jul 27, 2022
I just changed my original question. Hoping for more friendly, adult answers now. Or, none at all.
It don't matter to me.
I'm only here for knowledge and learning.
Some of you may think my questions are stupid. If, so then, please don't answer.
Keep it to yourself. Thank you.
I'm sure there's some here who will answer appropriately.
Get the 955, the 955hp isn't worth getting, the boards are really thin and have a tendency to crack if bounced around in the mobile, friend of mine has both and had to send in the 955hp twice to be repaired.

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