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Troys DDS VFO in Uniden 980

Big Kahuna

Sr. Member
Jul 31, 2008
He replaced the display so you’ll lose some display functions from the stock display like NB, mic gain, RF gain etc which would be the downside but you’ll gain freeband and could use it for 10 meters etc. It will display mode on the new display. Not sure if I’d do it on a 980 but pretty cool.

Check out his post on FB as it has a video of it in action.


Replacing the display makes sense with all the complaints about the stock one dying prematurely. I'm guessing they've replaced the controller board behind it as well. Have to, the stock one won't drive that display. Which gives you an all new CPU and programming to go with it. Once they go to all that trouble they don't have to use a clock generator board, since they can just directly tell the PLL what frequency to go to. So, not too different from the "Channel King" mod in that respect.

Of course, that's just my thoughts. They could have found a harder way.

Heck of an effort, hope they do well with it.

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