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TS 50 buzzing sound


New Member
Mar 28, 2023
Hello everyone,
nowadays I have a problem with my TS-50 unit.
It makes a buzzing sound thru the speaker, but when I connect the headphones everything works perfect.
When I hear the buzz, with the AF control, the buzzing changes the noise.
AF with the headphones connected works perfectly changing the volume.

Any ideas ?
I watched carefully inside and not capacitors or resistors with problems.
Any clue will be very appreciated.
Best Regards and 73s

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  • @ Crawdad:
    DXMaps has you in SE Wisconsin today BJ
  • @ BJ radionut:
    Say what? :love:
  • @ BJ radionut:
    6m OPEN nicely today...Big Sigs from South Path...band has noise for me last 3-4 days. Not sure what generating this garbage.
  • @ Crawdad:
    Look in your 6m thread BJ
  • @ Crawdad:
    Sorry BJ, just took a better look at it, after cleaning my readers, it wasn't you. Similar callsign.