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Turner M+3


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Feb 13, 2011
I have several Turner hand mics and want to put new cords on them and wire them to work with the newer radios. When taken apart, there is all sorts of variations on how they are currently wired. Can anyone please tell me if the mic wiring labeled in the photo looks right? That is the old cord still attached like I found it. I have done one and it seems to function fine on my mic tester, but I want to be sure I am not inadvertently doing something that could harm a radio. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Anything that uses the standard Cobra 4 pin connector. Nomad I also edited, I attached the wrong picture. Sorry for the confusion.
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There is a foil trace that runs along the lower edge of the circuit board. This is ground for the mike amp circuit. A short black wire is soldered to this trace at the left of the cord entry Replace it with a wire jumper long enough to reach the post with the shield soldered to it. If you put the red wire onto the empty post on the right, this will make pin 1 shield, pin 2 is audio, white. Pin 3 is transmit, black. Pin 4 is receive, red.

That would be the least steps to get it to work.

Nomad, this picture is the one I wired that seems to work. The cord shield is soldered to the band at the bottom of the board, there is a black jumper from that to the 4th (far right) post. Are you saying to move the jumper to the 3rd post and move the red wire from under the ptt to the 4th post? The yellow wire currently on the 3rd post needs to be removed since it is not used. The blue and black stay under the ptt? Thanks for your help.
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