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Turner mics. (NOS)


In the swamp
Dec 2, 2018
A friend had these in a box in the basement of his shop. Bought them a few yrs ago. Had 3 but I sold one. Dont see these everyday.


My all-time favorite high-impedance hand mike was the 350C with the ceramic element. Loudest mike I ever had for a Yaesu FT-101.

Until it got plugged into a miswired Browning transmitter one day. First key put 300 Volts DC onto the element. Made a tiny, pathetic "crinkle" sound.

It's last.

Some days are like that.


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  • @ Wildcat27:
    Hello I have a old school 2950 receives great on all modes and transmits great on AM but no transmit on SSB. Does anyone have any idea?
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    Good evening from Sunny Salem! What’s shaking?