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Two HF Radios/One Antenna


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Nov 12, 2013
Am thinking about adding a CB to my station. What should I use to connect it and my ham rig to the same antenna? Please specify brand and model.



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Nov 12, 2013
Dang. Almost 3 hours and no replies. Either I’ve been black-balled or everyone’s at church. (n)

Am asking which manual splitter is best and/or if a duplexer will work if both radios are HF.
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Jul 25, 2011
The only switch I use is a MFJ-1704. I use it to switch between antennas though. The port to port isolation is supposed to be 60 db and that is more than enough to protect the front end of the unused rig.

I would make sure the unused port is grounded on whatever switch you buy. Most do but some cheaper ones may not. I would even look on the manufacturer's website and download the manual first. Go with the one that has the highest port to port isolation.

Using the switch with one antenna and multiple radios scares me. Shit happens and mechanical things can fail. It's not a big deal if you knock out a cheap CB set but I won't take the chance with something expensive.


W9WDX Amateur Radio Member, KW4YJ EXTRA class
May 1, 2013
Louisville, KY
One method is a radio multiplexer. I has been too many years since I did that so finding one is up to you.

Redbeard U812

WDX-1030 / U812 South Texas
Jul 14, 2018
Not in the dice rolling mood. Can’t find anything about using one with two HF radios and one antenna.
I know using a switch and two CB radios has been done. That's why I posted a coax switch. Although, I do not use the set up. I feel safer swapping coax from back of radio. You may consider setting up a 11m antenna in another location far away from your big boy radio.

I once keyed up running power and blew my friends radio due to close proximity.

Another aspect I have been looking into, unfortunately time is sparse, is setting up an old bearcat scanner to listen in for transmissions.

Then swapping to that frequency.

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