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Uniden 980SSB Service manual ?


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Apr 15, 2012
Anyone know where to get or view a copy of the service manual for the older version Uniden 980SSB ?

I have one I'm working on that someone butchered. They tried to do a clarifier mod & I suspect
they did it wrong. I put everything back to where it should be using another 980ssb as a reference.
I put the two jumpers back W1 & W2. They removed RT352 TX freq adjustment so I replaced it.

The issue I'm having is I get it to tx dead on frequency but it's off on recieve. I adjusting L355 & RT352.
I also found with experimenting that L215 L216 L217 effect the recieve freq, & I assume these are the offests
as there right by the 10.6975.

I can get in on freq on recieve by adjusting all mentioned above but then it's off on transmit.

Without the service manual I can't align this radio correctly & there are no shops that do cb service anywhere
close to me.

Anyone have any data on this chassis.

I would greatly appreciate any info guys.




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Apr 3, 2005
Louisville, KY
Uniden changed their policy on service data almost 20 years ago.

They don't provide any.


Hiring someone to reverse-engineer service info the way Howard Sams used to do it would cost you thousands.

And you would never make that money back selling the manual. Once the first copy got scanned, everyone on the internet would have it for free.

Nobody will invest that kind of money without some chance of getting the money back, somehow.


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