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Update on Lou Franklin/Orders.....

Discussion in 'General CB Services Discussion' started by guitar_199, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. guitar_199

    guitar_199 Well-Known Member

    Mar 8, 2011
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    For some reason, I got an urge to retry things on getting in touch with Lou to order a set of those books.

    Sitting there looking at his site, I got a "way outside the box" thought. Call his FAX number.... see if a fax is still active. It wasn't.

    But it WAS an answering machine with a message that had been updated on Sept 19, 2019. His voice!!!! He mentions illness...but also that his email has been broken ALL YEAR but that it is fixed now and that he STILL had plenty of books and plans left of ALL kinds.

    With that, I looked up... the last time I emailed him.... Sept 17, 2019. So I thought...."what the Hell"!!!!

    Wrote him another email.....asking about them....
    I didn't get the automated response to my email.....
    I got a PERSONAL EMAIL from Lou..... confirming that, yes!, he is actively taking orders and has plenty of product... that he prefers payment through PayPal....and to LET HIM KNOW when I wanted to order.
    That response came back to me in 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!!! (lou2@cbcintl.com)

    I'm getting the order ready....
    But wanted to spread the word here as soon as I found out......

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  2. Shadetree Mechanic

    Shadetree Mechanic 808 On The North Side of Dover

    Oct 23, 2017
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  3. loosecannon

    loosecannon Sr. Member

    Mar 9, 2006
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    Thanks for posting this.
    glad to hear Lou is still kicking around.
    hope he's not too sick.

    talked to him years ago when i wanted to get one of his amp PC boards.
    turned out i got the very last one LOL.
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  4. Redbeard U812

    Redbeard U812 WDX-1030 / U812 South Texas

    Jul 14, 2018
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    Thanks. Tried before. No response. Glad you got through. Will be ordering.

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