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What are your thoughts on the VHQ Hexbeam

What does the lifetime guarantee cover and how much does this antenna cost compared to the competition?
"Lifetime guarantee covers all machined parts from breakage and or factory defects. Spreader arms are covered for 5 years as long as they are painted and installed correctly and or break from loss of integrity of center mast or any machined part. All antenna elements, Fasteners and cords are covered for 5 years. Antenna must be correctly installed and does not cover damage due to abuse or tower or tower mast failure"


NA4RR Hexbeam $660
KIO Hexbeam $821
Radiowavz $826

Sounds like I should just keep shooting for a Ciro Mazzoni Magnetic Loop MIDI instead. $2480
have rebuilt my hexbeam three times since 2019 I bought the DX engineering hub and purchased the fiberglass spreader's some place else. They rotted away due to the Floriduh sun twice. I now have new fiberglass spreaders and have used boat gelcoat stuff on three and have to coat three more and put it back up. I hope the gelcoat does the trick protecting them from old sol.
When I had it up and using it I had really great reports. I have a 100 foot crank up tilt over tower but I have never had it cranked up over 65 feet. The tower nested is 28feet and that is where I leave it all the time.
The next time I have to replace the spreaders I'll look into the Buddy pole Hexbeam. I think their plastic parts are better than the fiber glass spreaders??
17 meter is my favorite band as I'm NOT a contester! And I like to use my God given voice to communicate not a computer generated stuff.
The VHQ being $1700 would be my last choice. Can't justify that price after the performance of this NA4RR antenna that cost way less.

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    Is it possible to be on a lake and have a homing directional beam being emitted from the shore so a person could navigate to that beam's source? For example at night to a jetty.
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    sea que sea que,