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What is this? Sounds like a tone generated from an Atari 2600 cart


121 The Professor
Mar 31, 2022
Skip is rolling right now on CB and I see this come across my waterfall on my SDR on channel 18. It sounds like someone is just deadkeying and adjusting their frequency to make this. I saw on the waterfall too who ever this is testing out the frequency. What is this?? This is CB at its most .. creative? lol


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    C'mon let me take you on a Sea Cruise! (Maybe there is someone to talk to out there?)
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    Just for the Halibut.
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    Seems to be dead on the radio lately. I don't know if the conditions are horrible, or more likely my weak antennas. I may head up in the mountains on Wednesday and see if reception / transmission is improved.
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