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Windom antenna/ocf dipole


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Oct 28, 2014
What is the correct or mostly used measurement for build a multiband dipole already have a 4,1 +1:1 balun.. but am seeing different measurement..also how. high from the ground I read 40ft a d each end 10ft. I currently have one but awful swr on 80m .whe n I test the balun with a 200ohns across the swr is 1:! From 3.500-28mhz.but whrn I afd my wire 0m is high I am using 90 and 45


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Feb 17, 2016

This is Mod_3 . The lessons here were quality wire and insulation.

Good road map. If you don't have different colors number them.

On the left is a switchable 1:1~4:1 balun . On the right is a switchable 1:1~4:1 balun on 14.2KV . Any questions ? (It got blown out of a tree and fell onto the grid)

This was a lightening strike.

Additional links
https://www.kitsandparts.com/ what he doesn't have , no one else does either (mostly)
https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/48703243 for the PTFE spaghetti.
https://www.(replace this with that AMAZOMBIE word because these links STILL don't work right).com/gp/product/B01BD80NLI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
For the 14ga wire.

I recommend brass screws for the electrical connections and 3 eyebolts for the strain relief. A good size square junction box should be found locally as there you at least get to look at it.

Core material, heh , I've used 43, 61, and "special mix" whatever the hell that is. YMMV.

I had best luck with about 25' 6" on one side and 101' 6" on the other. This was fed with 150" of 9913 and about 55' HAGL.

I was wondering about the apparent lack of 15m and had to load up my Franken- OCF ...
( it will load 15m but then my OCF has a mind of it's own. A VNA may explain my aberrations better than " a tube final+Pi+Pi-L tuner+150' of no name coax into a tremendously overbuilt balun that just seems to work...)
...then remember that I'm looking into my 80/20% through about 150' of RG8/9913 with a Drake MN-2700/B. The Pi-L makes a YUUUUUGE difference.I try this with the MFJ or the HeathKit and get wildly different but usable results.

Got enough food for thought or do you need desert ?

YMMV, irrational behavior may result from excessive exposure to radio frequency fields, not to be taken internally, do not operate while under the influence of utility candle vapors, seek professional help for an intermittent antenna erection that produces non resonant behavior, licenses termites and drunken tree rats not included ....
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Yeah its turned off, touch it
May 9, 2011
call it what you want, i call it a ocf antenna. i use this design. ive put a 8 wrap coax choke at the feed point. i do use the 4:1 current balun. and my measurements are 90/45ft per side and around 25 to 30ft to feedpoint off the ground.. using a nano vna on 50-70 ft of rg8x i have good matches on 80. 40. 20. 17. 12. 10. 6 meter bands. they are not perfect matches but dont require a tuner.


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