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Base Workman M400 Starduster

There is a differance in construction between the Sirio & the Workman Star Dusters. Download the Owners manual for each and you'll see the differances.
WhiteAstro, I was going only by some images I've seen on the Internet where they looked very similar.

I have Sirio manual, but I look around a little and did not find the Workman manual available. If you have a copy, just post it here in this thread, and I will get a copy, you are probably right.

Thanks in advance,

Eddie - Marconi
I did models for the A.S. style Starduster vs. the Siro M400 Starduster, and according to Eznec, + any errors I could have made, the Sirio chart will produce models that are several inches short of CB resonance and you'll be working best in 10 meters.

We've all seen this silly move by retailers and manufacturers before.

I had to add a few inches (3-5) length to radiator and radials to see a resonate frequency. The match was workable, but still off more than most would like.

Eddie - Marconi
I have Sirio manual, but I look around a little and did not find the Workman manual available. If you have a copy, just post it here in this thread
Will copy my info and post it, but they don't give a good parts call out so it is hard to describe difference in parts. Like that short little element on the top vertical element. On the Workman the 3 little elements stick straight out horizontal and on the Sirio they angle downward. And the spacers for the 3 long ground elements are different.
Well the starduster antennas made it to my door and can confirm there is no weep hole on the workman version.

Here's what I do have though....

One was ok, the second one has an issue though. Pic attached below

Can you spot the issue?20220519_171609.jpg20220519_171623.jpg
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Must have been a Monday morning and a hung over cross eyed builder. Kind of a bummer, go figure.

So I called workman and surprisingly spoke with a human if you can believe it! Sent them a picture of it and they're sending me another hub to make it right.

I'll report back as project starduster goes along.
Nice to hear them step up and send you a new hub.
Looking forward to the report on the build.

I wouldn't touch a Workman product...based on what I've seen in this thread alone. If Workman is in the U.S., I wonder why they use metrics?

I also don't see the Workman name anywhere on the images or labels posted above.

Wonder why the frequency looks to be marked out?

Workman may be a legit company. but IMHO they seem to attract all the trash builders to using their company name on eBay and such. Some of these thieves show crap and are cheap looking in the ads and technical data presented too.

I guess Workman may be a small outfit and does not look to spend any money to protect their name and products. When you're a small operator...protecting your name and company can be very expensive task to pursue.
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Any company can turn out a flawed product, at least they are standing behind it. Take my President McKinley radio for example. It sets up stairs doing nothing but waiting to go to another repair shop even after being in their authorized repair shop. And to think they wanted to lay the blame on me because ( It didn't come out of their facility like that ) BS even quality control systems miss sometimes. I know a little about manufacturing because I was foreman for a welding shop once upon a time. Workman got me back on the air at a modest price for years and made my first ever DX contact. Not everyone can drive a Cadillac or Lincoln. Signed ( The Poor Folk )
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Yeah being workman I wasn't expecting a super high quality product but for the price and never owning the m400, why not.

They stood behind the product, all is good in the end to which not many companies are doing anymore. I'll add that the woman I spoke with was kind, respectful and quick to make a resolve to which meant a lot from a customer stand point. They didn't even ask me to return the defective hub which leaves an experiment for the future.
Yeah being workman I wasn't expecting a super high quality product but for the price and never owning the m400, why not.
I agree with your point. When I decided I wanted to get back into CB again I had money flowing out in all directions but not enough flowing in to suit my needs. I found the Workman M400 and it was reasonable priced and I remembered hearing of it from back in the day so I took the plunge. The first location I set it up at it tuned out to 1.1-1 across the band so I left it at that.I bought a Uniden Washington 3 button off of ebay and only made 1 barefoot DX contact with that setup. After I bought a Uniden 980-SSB and coupled it to a KL200-P hooked to the Workman I started to make some contacts. Then I had the SWR problems so I bought the Sirio M-400 and changed the location. Now I have to drop the Sirio and shorten it a little because I have on channel 1 a 1.1-1 and on 40 I have 1.2-1 which isn't bad until you turn the amp on. You see why I don't get into Mischief. LOL
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