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would you buy this meter

Absolutely! These units are highly accurate better than any Bird meter I have ever used in the 52 years of my RF experience. They are NIST calibrated for 3 years. I have the LP-100A with 2 couplers. They are truly the more accurate than any analog or digital Bird meter.
Good luck on finding a used Bird for under 200 that doesn't look like it's been drug down a gravel road. I have 2 43's and half a dozen slugs and bought them used and have as much in them as that. Like Nomad said they are more than just a power meter. If I were going to buy a new meter t I day I would seriously look at this one or a Power Master from Array Solutions.
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Why? Outside CB land the Bird meters have no magical qualities and in fact there are more accurate meters out there. Bird is versatile and rugged but no more accurate than a lot of meters out there.
My problem with used slugs is they can be opened and "adjusted" by whoever had them before.
They are calibrated when made, but who knows what happens after that.
We used Telewave at the county so no need for slugs.
Yes we were limited to 500 watts, but for that work it is all we needed.
I use a Heathkit HM-102 for HF and have been happy with it all these years.
And I paid 80 bucks for it.
Yes these newer meters provide lots of info, but
with the cost of little antenna analyzers now days I don't need a expensive meter to do all that when I have other tools.
And I am cheap.

Rite now I run a dosy tc-4002-sw and a workman hp202s cross nedle. I would chose the lp over a bird setup, many more features. I would calibrate all my meters to an lp if I had one.

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