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X50c2 diamond vhf/uhfantenna

I’ll see your tuned for commercial (I didn’t pay attention as usual) and I’ll raise you this one.

Which I think is the same antenna actually.
I’m trying to find one with a spread wide enough to cover 2m/frs and 70cm/gmrs. I’m using a jpole now. Does fine. Just looking. Might not do me any better. I dunno.
I dunno. I don’t know that I’ll really improve over what I have in place already. I’ve a tram vhf ground plane because I wasn’t planning on doing any 70cm. Now I’m playing with it so I made a jpole for a dual band. Both feed points are the same height and on 2m there’s some difference but not too much. However the jpole will work gmrs and 70 so now I have 2 up. It’s using coax that was for the other radio. But will a bought dual band be any better than the 3/8 all thread jpole?

Looks like above 450Mhz would not work as the swr would be too high. Sorry.
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