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X50c2 diamond vhf/uhfantenna

I’ll see your tuned for commercial (I didn’t pay attention as usual) and I’ll raise you this one.

Which I think is the same antenna actually.
I’m trying to find one with a spread wide enough to cover 2m/frs and 70cm/gmrs. I’m using a jpole now. Does fine. Just looking. Might not do me any better. I dunno.
I dunno. I don’t know that I’ll really improve over what I have in place already. I’ve a tram vhf ground plane because I wasn’t planning on doing any 70cm. Now I’m playing with it so I made a jpole for a dual band. Both feed points are the same height and on 2m there’s some difference but not too much. However the jpole will work gmrs and 70 so now I have 2 up. It’s using coax that was for the other radio. But will a bought dual band be any better than the 3/8 all thread jpole?

Looks like above 450Mhz would not work as the swr would be too high. Sorry.
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Anyone tried one for vhf/uhf base operations? Thoughts, opinions so on??
I am currently using one as my base antenna. They're excellent antennas. They do have limitations, just as all antennas do in some way. My issue isn't so much the antenna as it is my distance from repeaters. As for being used in urban areas, versus rural, it's perfect. But just remember what the gain of the antenna is, versus what you need in an antenna for distance. In some way or another you'll suffer from wanting one thing and needing something else. The need is more important than the want!

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