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Xeigu radios?


Yeah its turned off, touch it
May 9, 2011
I've seen the g1m and the g106. Both little qrp rigs. I've tried the chinese sdr crapy little rigs and they sucked on tx. Rx wasnt unlivable. But before I consider $300 for a tiny rig again, has anyone any experience with either of these two small qrp radios?

I just ordered a G90 from Radioddity and got it and all acc. bundled for $472 and that was with taxes and free shipping!
I passed on all of them & found myself an ICOM 703 PLUS & I know I have a proven Winner.I use it with either a TennTenna or a HARVEST OUTB2000 for portable operations.I looked really hard at all of the XEIGU radios but I did not want any radio that requires a software update every few weeks or so.The 703 PLUS does not need anything done so I'm keeping it.I paid $360 for the 703 PLUS at the 2022 Orlando Hamcation.

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