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Yaesu FL-2000B


Jun 24, 2011
Can you drive the Yaesu FL-2000B with more then 100 watts on ssb? Or will that kill the amp?

Thanks much.

A pair of 572B's should not even require 100 watts for full output. I wouldn't run over 100 watts into it. Of course if this is for CB then that's another story. Everybody knows that the basic laws of physics and electrical laws in general do not apply when operating between 26 and 28 MHz. :whistle:
LMAO!! I was thinking the same thing CK!!! I have a Yaesu FL-2100B with the 572b tubes and I drive mine with 60 watts now yo can drive the amplifier with a Maximum of 100 watts but dont expect to see alot more wattage from the amplifier and if you do drive it at 100 watts be sure to get yourself another set of 572B tubes right away to avoid any delay of the tube replacement because of waiting for the new ones to arrive.

These are great tubes but like anything else if you drive the $h!+ out of them dont expect the reliability Ive seen from mine so far 6-7 years and still going strong on 80-10 meters.
I also have it wired and running off 220v if that makes a difference for longevity and performance.

LOL, u can drive it however you want. But like the guy that just dropped off a SB200, he is buying 2 new tubes.
So go ahead and go for that big hamma! Someone needs they money!

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