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Yaesu FT 840 + Extras


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Oct 31, 2014
Murray KY.
I have a pristine FT 840, Autek Research QF 1A SSB filter. along with an MD-1 and LP 100A Digital Vector Wattmeter for sale. Since it is just sitting here collecting dust, someone might as well get some use out of it. Everything is in very good condition and works 100%. I can send more detailed pictures if you want to see how nice this equipment is. Radio has no FM board or internal filters. Meter bulb needs replacement. I have the original box too! Asking 850.00 plus the ride. Add $110.00 if you want the tuner. Just purchased from AES days before they went out of business. If you're looking for an older rig with some punch, this is it! Thanks for looking!
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Nice setup and great price for what you ate getting. The LP100A is $450 plus shipping new. Add the mic and the Autek SSB filter and the radio is about free!! Hope you sell it. Wish I had the loot to get it!! It should sell pretty fast for what you are selling it for, add in the LDG tuner and it's still a good deal!! Again, hope it sells quick for you, and goes to a good home. Simple radio to use and if setup properly with a good antenna system, it shouldn't have any issue making contacts. Good deal for what all you are getting. JMHO's!!
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LP 100A and LDG tuner have been sold.

Radio has developed an issue where the PLL will not lock. You key up, and the radio unkeys automatically. I'll take 200 bucks for it. Haven't really looked into what it will take to repair it, but it can't be that bad.

The MD 1 is in near flawless condition. $120 shipped.

Autek unit is also in near flawless condition as well. $60.00 shipped.

Continental U.S. only. No overseas sales or shipping.

Edit: Hmm...looks like I might be able to fix this rig myself, so it won't be for sale until it is repaired.
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