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Yaesu VX-1r extended TX frequency mod


Ham Radio Nerd
Apr 14, 2002
This mod will expand the transmit range from 137-175 Mhz and 410-470 Mhz

  • Remove battery
  • Remove the (3) small black screws.
  • Carefully open the radio, spliting the radio front and rear cases Looking down inside of the top left side of the radio (left of rotary encoder) , locate and ADD Solder to jumpers "0" and "1" (jumper "0" is the top jumper and jumper "1" is below it)
  • Assemble radio.
  • Press and hold [M/V] and [AR] keys while turning on the radio.

VX-1R Extended Mod

I came across this straight forward mod that you've post. Have seen it as well on other forums. I'm still struggling to get my 1R to properly boot up and read the soldered jumper change.

Have pressed and held [M/V] and [AR] keys while turning on the radio to no avail. Radio was originally purchased and used in Asia. Transmitting properly inside default frequencies but not beyond 146 Mhz.

Have backed out the solder. Still transmitting to 146 Mhz. Did the jumper solder mod again, held keys on power up. No change.


One other observation. When holding keys and powering up, INIP F appears in menu. This does not occur if i back the solder mod out so the circuit seems aware of the change when resetting. If I hit the FW key the menu changes to INTIAL, resets, still no transmission above 146 Mhz.

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