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    Always up for a chat. Always have questions. Sometimes I may have the answer.............
  2. Tinman
    I have the sirio 2016 and I am upgrading/ improving it by cutting slits and using hose clamps. Can I use tape to isolate the clamps?
  3. Christopher17
    Christopher17 Moleculo
    Can I change my user name to my handle? LongStride with capital L and capital S
  4. robert lollis
    robert lollis
    looking for free programing downloads for my cm300
  5. radioman24
    radioman24 Sommerkamp
    Did you get my email?
  6. Czar
  7. Paul W
    Paul W sonoma
    Hello Sonoma - Seems like you are the man for Midland Service Manual 79-290. I have searched high and low for a clear copy of the schematic for this radio but have been unsuccessful. Every one that I found are not legible. Any chance you still have it electronically and can email it to me? n3pfw@outlook.com
    I certainly appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you! ~Paul
  8. Czar
    Technician Class test today. Very ready. Yeasu 857D
  9. Tweetybird
    Tweety bird has been busy buying radios and working I did sell the four palomar 300s after repairing them
  10. Aydenrooster
    Rooster, Rooster, Rooster....
  11. Stomper83
    Anyone know how to do the frequency mod on a topgun technologies predator?
  12. Dave Poff
    Dave Poff
    Got 2 Palomar TX 100 and have had them for 30 years. I have a swr variable power meter. Do I gotta tune one for the radio peaked and tuned
  13. Dave Poff
    Dave Poff
    153 Montana Wildman, sw mt
  14. Dave Poff
    Dave Poff
    Retired trucker, just getting back into the cb radio stuff. I'm just a dummy looking for answer's to my setup.
    1. Chris Millas
      Chris Millas
      whats your question(s)
      Sep 7, 2020
  15. NightOwl3261
    NightOwl3261 r carl
    Only mobile
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