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    Connex 3300Hp No RX Audio, talkback or PA

    It happens. Fate spared you that it was just the speakers. Welcome to the Neighborhood. 73 Jeff
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    Found this on AliExpress..

    https://www.cbshop.com/en/Albrecht_AE-2990 This place says in stock, the price is over the top. Searching for that model number may find more. 73 Jeff
  3. AudioShockwav

    Found this on AliExpress..

    https://www.pjbox.co.uk/products/albrecht-ae2990-afs-all-mode-am-fm-ssb-handheld-cb-radio Don't know if they are still available, you would have to contact UK vendors to see if there is any stock. That is the last current SSB handheld I am aware of. 73 Jeff
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    Francis 8' Wheeler Dealer Antenna

    I agree. It's sad to think the custom equipment that they developed to build them likely wound up in the scrap bin....... 73 Jeff
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    Francis 8' Wheeler Dealer Antenna

    Looking at the RoadPro web site I see them starting at a 3 foot antenna and the longest listed is a 5.5 foot antenna. All models are now described as "Double Quarter wave" antennas. https://www.roadprobrands.com/products 73 Jeff
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    Francis 8' Wheeler Dealer Antenna

    Things did change after they sold the brand off, it is a shame that they did not purchase all of the necessary equipment needed to properly reproduce the original " Triple Quarter Wave" I look forward to seeing the results of your modeling Eddie. 73 Jeff
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    Standard HX590T(EA) UHF FM Transceiver

    I think Standard was part of Vertex. They were part of Yaesu at one time then vertex standard then standard. Or something like that. 73 Jeff
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    Found this on AliExpress..

    Actually I talked to another member here, he was using a ssb hand held and external antenna. Coal City Illinois to Central California, that's not bad for 8 or 10 watts, the band was blown open so its not that surprising but it works. Bill used to work dx with a ft 817 and a miracle whip and...
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    The NEW CB-Tricks 2020

    I agree. CB tricks and Panther electronics forums both were loaded with info. 73 Jeff
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    The NEW CB-Tricks 2020

    Its just someone charging for what is left of the original site. Some of it is uploaded here on this forum. https://www.worldwidedx.com/ims/ Some of the original site can also be found at https://www.cbtricks.com/index.htm Not all of it is there, the forum is lost forever I am afraid. 73 Jeff
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    I have banned James Anthony. He has pm'ed multiple users with items for sale. If anyone gets a pm involving sales that don't smell right let the Admins know. Thanks JJ. 73 Jeff
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    No Replies

    In the past no replies were allowed in the swap area as it got ugly with opinions and comments. I just cleaned up a for sale thread. Let's keep the replies to legit questions about the items or details. Thanks. 73 Jeff
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    11 meter is very quiet?

    Ok, let's get back on topic..... I cleaned up the thread. Its running off the rails on hate and discontent again.
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    WTB Texas Star meter

    Yes Texas Star is Galaxy. 73 Jeff
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    Anyone hear this birdie on 27.341 lsb?

    Just dialed up .341 nothing here but noise floor. That's strange...... 73 Jeff