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    CHANNEL 16

    Anyone use channel 16 lsb anymore? POB/CEF 795
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    CB FM

    I read a while back fcc authorizing fm,has it gone into effect? I also saw some ops suggested chnl 35. Anyone have more information on this. DOCTOR 795
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    HOWDY EVERYONE; UZ7HO now has a forward error correction on his PACKET software program and it works nicely. 7101 lsb is in good condition in the evenings and a lot of packet action on 300 baud. OK here is the setup of the forward correction. download the program <it is free> ON settings...
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    HI GUYS; I found a freebie which works good on the above, of course you have to be registered on DMR and D-STAR. Now all the DMR and D-STAR channels aren't there<what does one expect for FREE>. It gets you around the world though. http://www.pa7lim.nl/peanut/ Enjoy and have fun...