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  • happy new year my friend how did you see in 2009 i just stayed clse to home went to a locl bar had a couple or 5 hot whisky,s my old head wasnt to good this morning can tell you we havent had two much snow yet just hard frosty nights i am planing to go over to the uk in search of work there are some preety big pojects going on right now the olympic games sight in london and also a new runway is being built at a major airport work in construction is dead in ireland the recession is really bitting ard here iam sure you have brutal cold weather and low temps there in the usa i regulary check the weather chanel what kind of radio equipment do you reun just out of interest here i have a couple of ranger rci 2950 dxs matched to pre amps use a antron 99 for a base a wilson 1000 or a sirio hi power 3000 mag mount for mobile conditions here are very poor looking forward to solar cycle 24 to peak i have made many contacts over the pond in years gone by good dx friend
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