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    Any more on Mike of Mike's Radio Repair?

    Something fairy major had to have happened, but no excuse for not returning customers' radios, fixed or not. I'm going to try to connect with him via QRZ or maybe bump into him on 2 meters, and see if I can find anything out.
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    Any more on Mike of Mike's Radio Repair?

    Has anyone heard from Mike? I know he's alive and well from his QRZ page.
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    help with SSB output

    One other broad-banding trick is to put a 200-ohm resistor across pins 11 and 13 of the SO-42P TX mixer IC. I think those are the correct pins, I'm not at the shop to check my notes. I know its two pins near the connection for L47.
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    Connex CX-3300HP Hot Am Mod and Finals

    The may seem simplistic, but with the RCI build quality issues lately, look for bad solder joints in the output tank circuit. I've seen a few of these come through that were basically brand new with tank circuit coil connection failures. Any breakdown in the tank could cause the problems you're...
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    radio and amp matching....

    I'll add one more observation to the thread. Many newer exports have separate AM and FM carrier levels. As had been pointed out already, you should use the same carrier level on FM as on AM to avoid releasing the magic smoke.
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    Service Tech for my Stalker IX

    If you're still looking for a shop, try www.cbshopwhitelist.com for a starting point. Please note that Key's CB may not be a good option right now as the owner is unfortunately rumored to be having some health issues.
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    Radio's with the most quiet receive

    I know its an older model, but the receiver (especially the noise blanker system) on the Yaesu FT-100 is quite good.
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    Uniden Washington Base Station

    I used to believe that braided was better than solid because of the surface area. A well-seasoned and well-educated fellow ham in my area told me that a plain old copper wire, the larger the better, works just as well if not better for RF. Cutting the coax can and usually will affect what the...
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    Royce 619 PLL Unit Schematic Needed

    Bad news. Turns out that the radio had more problems than I thought. After substituting a generator for the VCO, I found that the receiver IC was bad, along with a couple other things. 'Nuther parts radio I guess.... Anyway, thank you for your help!
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    Royce 619 PLL Unit Schematic Needed

    That's IT! THANK YOU!!!!!
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    Royce 619 PLL Unit Schematic Needed

    I'll have to double-check the model #, But I DID find it in my SAMs index at the shop. I have the SAMs manual for it, I think #254. It just has no PLL module info.
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    My RF Ammeters

    Ohms law for power when current and resistance are known is Power = Current squared times Resistance. Assuming the 10-amp current is through a 50-ohm load, we then get Power = 10 * 10 * 50 = 5000 watts. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Royce 619 PLL Unit Schematic Needed

    I have a Royce 619 base that needs PLL repair/replacement. I have the SAMs volume for the radio, but that doesn't have any schematic for the PLL unit, just pin-outs. I've been Googling, but no luck so far. Any help appreciated!
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    Could use help with microphone project

    This is quite similar to what's already been covered above, but here's what I would start with: 1. Place a 1k-ohm resistor in series with the mic unit's output to prevent possible over-loading of the output circuit. 2. from the other end of the 1k series resistor, I'd put a variable 1k ohm to...
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    Who Else Is Fed Up With "Mud Duck Radio"?

    Yes, I'm speaking of Mark Sherman, dba Fine-Tune CB Shop out of New Mexico at the moment. Yes, he's got a good-sounding radio. Yes, he's got skills. But for the love of all things decent, respectable, and even just remotely nice, I am beyond sick and tired of hearing his incessant and...