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    Galaxy 95t2

  2. dx99v

    radios and amps for sale

    Pm sent
  3. dx99v

    Icom Ps-125

  4. dx99v

    Icom Ps-125

    here is a pic
  5. dx99v

    Icom Ps-125

    I have for sale this power supply in good condition Almost new $130 dollars usps postal money order only
  6. dx99v

    yaesu ftdx 1200 mars mod

    Hi Has anyone done a modification on a yaesu ftdx 1200? Thanks :thumbup:
  7. dx99v

    My set up

    nice station ;)
  8. dx99v

    wiring help please

    its working thank you so much :)
  9. dx99v

    wiring help please

    i ll try thanks
  10. dx99v

    wiring help please

    hi m42duster so the pin 8 shield and blue are going together?? :confused: thanks
  11. dx99v

    wiring help please

    i have a Static 636L mic i want to be wired to 8 pins kenwood ts 570d thanks all:laugh:
  12. dx99v

    My renovated shack

    very nice:laugh:
  13. dx99v

    mic adapter 5 pins to 4 pins

    i have a emperor 5010 with original mic. but some it has problems so i have a rk 56 mic and i try to find a mic adapter any body know where i can find one adapter 5 pins to 4 pins?? i went to ebay but nothing, there are mic adapters just for cobra, realistics and hr2510