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    RV Ham Radio fun

  2. fogdog

    The New FTDX10 Compact HF/50MHz 100W SDR

    Not for the price it won't.
  3. fogdog

    With sadness I announce..................

    Oh man! So so sorry to hear this. I've only known Dennis on the radio, and a few times on the phone. He was helping me with swr problems. I sure liked to talk with the Tallman. RIP BROTHER, you will definitely be missed by this old boy. Dammit Man, I can't believe this. I'm super bummed...
  4. fogdog

    11 meter is very quiet?

    Fogdog 157 E. TN listening.
  5. fogdog

    Ya'll plannin to mailin vote?

    Nope! I got a birthday card delivered to me, and it was a year old.
  6. fogdog

    11 meter is very quiet?

    To my surprise the band was open, and instead of listening to contesters all weekend on HF, and not being able to do any DX'ing, I was able to make contact with a friend of mine on ch 20 AM that I hadn't talked to in a long time. CB Saves the day. I am an extra class, but I don't forget how I...
  7. fogdog

    Biggest Antenna on the Planet

    Probably takes a 350 V8 as a rotor control motor. Lol
  8. fogdog

    11 meter is very quiet?

    Been terrible here on AM for a long time. Worst I've ever seen it. I've got the 29lx on scan all day for the frequncies that are usually active, but for weeks there's been nothing, not even local. It's a waste of battery power.
  9. fogdog

    Export radio choices..

    I've only had one import, and that was a Stryker 955. I had so much fun with that radio. I'd defiantly buy one again.
  10. fogdog

    Fellow gunslingers...

    Did a couple of mods to the pistol of my last post.
  11. fogdog

    No more free ham ticket?

    If they enact the $50.00 renewed fee, I will only have to pay this twice before I go SK. I can deal with that lol! I also don't expect tax payers to pay for my free renewed license as of present. Somebody is sitting behind some desk at the FCC doing data entry to get those licences out in the...
  12. fogdog

    UFO'S, Abductions?

    That show Ancient Aliens would have you beleive were all Reptillians. Who knew?
  13. fogdog

    11 meter is very quiet?

    There's always a swap meet Sundays at 2100 on CB Ch 34 up here on the TN/NC Line. Just locals. But I haven't even heard that. I heard something on 3 a few days ago, but couldn't make it out.
  14. fogdog

    11 meter is very quiet?

    Dead here in E. TN. Been quite for weeks. I think it's as bad as I've ever heard.
  15. fogdog

    No more free ham ticket?

    They must have done something about the QRM on 7.2. I haven't heard them for a couple of months now.