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    What's up with people using amateur frequencies for business?

    English only? I have to go back to my FFC regs and look again, but I always thought conversations originating inside the US were required to be in the English language. Around the country and around Louisville, I hear lots of conversations on 2M and 70CM in Spanish/Mexican.
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    December 7, 1941

    For everyone, including those who just don't know and just don't care, I remind you that today is Pearl Harbor Day, remembering the December 7, 1941 attack by the Japanese Imperial Navy on the U.S. bases at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, essentially the start of WWII. Most of you should probably look it...
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    BÖKER autos.

    autos I love autos and own many. I keep a couple good ones (Benchmade, etc.)but mostly I buy and carry nasty cheap Chinee crap - $5 to $15 at local flea markets. A lot of them are surprisingly quick with good locks. Lousy scales of course - all plastic. I don't own any AKs but I...
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    Credit Card knife

    blades and such Scout, I used to live in the Vampire State until my mental illness went away and I moved here - Kentucky. Unlike NY and Calipornia we have extremely comfortable weapons laws here. CCDW license is mighty easy to get and we are a "shall issue" state. I worked darned hard to...
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    Am I the only one that feels like the person trying

    DIY antennas Don't forget the mountains of governmental regulations including environmental and waste regulations. In some jurisdictions, just paying the fees for generating metal waste dust from the machine processes and the "polution" fees for machining lubricants, finishes, etc., is half...
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    The old FCC issued cb call signs

    Don't remember when I got it, maybe 1975? KZF 2969 and went by "Mellow Yellow" to match my yellow vehicle at the time.
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    Wouxun KG-UV920R Price and Availability Update

    wouxun reps They may just reply: "Your current administration has let your currency devalue to 2/3 what it was worth when we started this project. Do the math." I'm not planning on getting one now because it doesn't have what I believed it would when we first read about it. Other than...
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    J-Pole Antenna

    jpole I've been using a copy of the Arrow OSJ all-aluminum j-pole, that I built, for a couple of years now. Virtually indestructable from wind or weather unless of course a tree falls on it or such. Mine is dual band 2M and 70cm and works very well without a lot of mast elevation but a pretty...
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    A 2m/70cm vertical dipole DIY . . .

    great dipole THAT is a great looking dipole! I love building and using simple antennas and I'll be starting this one tomorrow! ***** "It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for...
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    Radium Paint search

    glow in the dark stuff Well, the much prettier and feminine half of my marriage (a lot smarter, too!) has just told me she has seen glow-in-the-dark "tape" in Hobby Lobby and a peek at their on-line store proves it. 5 feet long by 1 inch wide self-adhesive, apparently works just like the...
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    Radium Paint search

    glow in the dark stuff Tritium is indeed the best stuff - BUT - tritium is an isoptope of hydrogen and is a gas, not a liquid. The "tritium" night sights used on firearms (bows now, too, and even some fishing lures) are actually non-hydrogen-pemeable glass or thermoplastic vials of the gas...
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    I think my KG-UV6D arrived broken?

    UV6D keyboard lock I just downloaded the UV6D manual: http://www.wouxun.us/images/KG-UV6D-UserManual.pdf Menu 14 in the "shortcuts" menu shows how to disable that keyboard auto-lock function. On page 22 it describes use of the button on the keyboard as well. I'll warn you all this...
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    I think my KG-UV6D arrived broken?

    UV6D keyboard lock All the photos I've seen of a UV6D show the far right button on the lowest row of buttons on the front is a keyboard lock button - a manual control. Should work just like the other, earlier Wouxuns. Overview details from the 409 Shop page: Busy Channel Lockout ...
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    New Chinese HT approved by FCC - Vero UV-3R

    Chinese H/Ts Yeah, prob'ly makes sense to try one before we get too critical. I've been using a Chinee H/T - Wouxun KG-UV1D - as my exlusive H/T for quite a while, daily, and it does more than okay. The big names are for the most part labeled as "Made in Japan" and back in the '80s to...
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    Wouxun KG-UV6D showing up now?

    At least one outlet - 409 Shop - is showing the KG-UV6D is now available for US, possibly in two variations. I've purchased from this site with no complaints at all on their service but their website can be confusing and not entirely "US User Friendly". Delivery from Hong Kong is agonizingly...