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  • Hi loosecannon,
    Ive been searching for info on mosfet for cobra 21ltd Classic. Low_boy said you might have done one, is is there any info you would share?
    How it goes? I have a silver eagle that's wired for my madison. I gave it to a local for rewiring and for some reason he added a transistor or cap because he said it had a Squeal. It didn't. Now the mic needs to be turned up high in order to get it to perform. Would you consider taking the mic and looking at it then doing whatever it needs if anything then do the mod? I will of course pay you for your time.
    of course!

    start a conversation with me here on the forum so we will have a private place to go over all the details.

    I have to disassemble the whole mic to do this, so there is a fair amount of work involved.
    How's life treating you my friend? I would appreciate the drawing. Is it a different mod than the link or does the drawing add something. Either way I'd appreciate it. Thanks loosecannon.
    can you help me decide what antenna to build,
    hey jerome.
    i started a conversation on the forum with you.
    look at the top of your screen for the icon and click on it.
    Hey Dude, not sure where u are, but i've got an A99 brand new in the box, asking $50 + shipping. I'm near Dayton, Ohio
    LOL just found that one tonight. some retro blog or something had it. there are no CB magazines around right now, but back in the 70's there were quite a few. CB was VERY popular back then.
    it is a president madison that i customized.
    i think there is a thread about it in the station pics section.
    yes, it is my pride and joy.
    I am not sure if this is a radio related question but, I was practicing my soldering on a 3.5mm sound cord and found that there were 3 wires RED, GREEN and YELLOW.

    I figure out that yellow is common ground and grn is left and red is right. so I solder some wire to the red and one to the yellow so I may connect it to a speaker (with quick connects in back of them) and hope to make an external speaker for my CB. I testes it was working on my ipod but when I connected it to the CB it did not work. So I soldered the grn rather than the red and still, I recieved no sound from the CB.
    Now I know the ports work cause I can connect the ext out to my truck radio Aux in and get sound that way.

    So why or do you know how come I recieve no sound from the CB with my homemade cable? Thanks, Josh
    LC, I'm interested in the different designs of the APl. Could you describe in detail the one that you just got and do you have any thought on the differences that maybe possible?
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