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  • Good morning , I have a Washington d858 pll version are you willing to repair it ?
    Yes, that would be fine: I will be gone for a week on vacation but when I get back we can talk. Thanks
    Hey old tech I have a eico 772 , everything lights up but only static. What would it cost me for you to check it out. I have the Orginal schematics
    I live in central Virginia.
    Thanks screasy
    OT, if you don't mind me asking, how do you manage signal attenuation to feed your test setup?

    I have an old Hameg SA(50 ohms) and Tektronix 482M scope(1M).

    I am working on an approach that I think will work but I am always curious as to how others handle their setups and still love to learn.

    Thank you in advance,
    Bob Ruth/KG5JAI
    Hey Denny, checking the status of my Tram Corsair Radio. I will go ahead and pay you for your work and shipping through pay pal. Call me back at 601 624 3728, Donald.
    Please send me your address I would like to get it repaired its my only base station I have ,thanks I will cover shipping both ways.
    Checking the status of my radio, give me a call on a completion date.

    Thanks, Donald (601) 624-3728
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