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  • Hello, are you still repairing Kenwood TM-621a 220 Receive issues ? If so, can you contact me and let me know your fee and such ? Thanks :) Bill, bgrall@comcast.net
    Hello, I am trying to find someone to check and repair my radios and you have been mentioned several time to me by some of the cber's on the Worldwide DX Forum. I have 2 - Galaxy 33's, 1 - Galaxy 44, 1 - General Lee, and a Magnum S-9 that needs to be looked and repaired if possible.

    Chris Vanover
    Archdale, NC
    Hey radio tech, loosecanon told me to look you up. ould you be interested in doing some radio repair for me? I have a couple of Galaxy 33's, a Galaxy 44, a General Lee, and a Magnum S-9 that needs to be looked at and or repaired. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I am near Greensboro. You can email me at ctvanovr@gmail.com You can call me at 336-202-2182
    Hey Mister Radio tech, are you still around and kickin?
    I was reading the articles on the 29 you did and found them most helpful, I was wondering if you could help me out with one that I'm trying to bring back to life.
    hi, i was hoping you could help me with this ....... i have a realistic navaho 490- ssb-am 40 channel base or moble....it only dead keys 3 watts & swings 4 watts.....it did more than that before.......what can i do to it ...its a great radio........have replaced some finals...but no help...but what does it call for ...i have 2 in the bk. with radio faceing part side up...& 1 to the right on rail..any help.thanks
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