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Recent content by Radio Tech

  1. Radio Tech

    Videos showing a complete alignment (TX/RX) ???

    Why thank You. And yes I visit here from time to time. Buddy
  2. Radio Tech

    B&K 1040 CB Service Master Operating Manual

    You can also find the operators manual on my site. http://gokarters.com/smf/index.php?topic=2772.0
  3. Radio Tech

    Anyone have experience with Yeasu 726R?

    I used them for years, even when they first came out. But only for satellite communication. I later bought a 736 which is much better at tracking. I still have two 726 units. They are not bad but are now vintage.
  4. Radio Tech

    Question on setting up a bench

    I agree with what others have said. Make it comfortable to you. Most used equipment with in arms reach. That is the practical approach. Now there is another approach you should consider. That is the safety approach. You do not want your equipment set up to where you could drop a probe, connector...
  5. Radio Tech

    Lazarus rises from the dead, becomes a tube tester. SB1000

    Nice work Nomad. I like the mods you did to protect it. Dennis Had....Being from NC myself no the name well.
  6. Radio Tech

    Oscilloscope help please

    Looks like it is time to take the case off the scope. From that picture there may be some damage inside. When you remove the case be careful as there is lethal voltages inside.
  7. Radio Tech

    Oscilloscope help please

    It looks like you have channel one set to ground coupling. Since you want to look at an rf signal put it on AC. To look at voltage put it on DC. It is hard to tell from your picture where all the controls are set to. With a dot in the middle of the screen looks like it is in X/Y mode but I...
  8. Radio Tech

    Updated video shop tour

    I got into drones a while back so never really bothers with helicopters. They are interesting however. I have one boat with a K&B 7.5 outboard on it. My son is the car and truck guy. He races at several tracks around the county. He wants me to start doing "RC" related repairs. But just no time.
  9. Radio Tech

    Updated video shop tour

    During the Christmas break I shot a short video of the shop. The old video was several years old and lots of things changed. I know some of you have already seen the shop but decided to share with the rest. Just a bunch of old junk collected over the years.
  10. Radio Tech

    Digital frequency display for the Tram D201 radios.

    That does look nice. Like LC said any noise issues? With the room you have around that board a shielded box is doable. Thanks for sharing another one of your great creations.
  11. Radio Tech

    strange o-scope probe. what is he referring to here?

    The octopus tester or as we like to call it "curve / signature tracer" is a great tool to have on any techs bench. Handy piece of gear for testing components and circuits if you have no schematic. I recently built one in an old low band width scope ( 500 KHz). This made a useless piece of...