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Recent content by Taxi Driver

  1. Taxi Driver

    I Need Professional Help!

    When I got the radio out of storage I had no expectations that it would work properly. I HOPED it would but reality says it's a crapshoot. Especially after being in storage for 15 years. I'll keep trying with the radio. Maybe I'll get lucky. I have the ARRL Tech license manual and study...
  2. Taxi Driver

    I Need Professional Help!

    During the day all I hear is skip or static. 38 lsb is a mess when skips in. Yesterday afternoon there was nine+ pounds of messy skip. I try some of the other upper channels if I hear a callout. Nothing. I have a short time in the early morning to try to contact locals. The airwaves...
  3. Taxi Driver

    I Need Professional Help!

    Some say I'm beyond help but that's another thread for another time. My radio setup needs help. Here's the threads about the radio and amp http://www.worldwidedx.com/cb-band-cb-radios/166446-anyone-recognize-radio-gecol-gv-2000-a.html...
  4. Taxi Driver

    Dx anyone?

    I got the antique 11m radio and amp in the car. The new Sirio 4000 and the old radio is pulling DX traffic from Wisconsin to Florida. Heard a guy from Stuttgart briefly. I think I heard some UK and Europe as well. I've been trying several times a day to make contacts but no luck. Even...
  5. Taxi Driver

    New Menber. Found Old CB Setup

    I checked the SWR on several channels. It's around 1.4 on ch1 and 1.5 on ch40 If anything the SWR is pretty consistent from ch1 to 40 I was doing the setup and testing in between fares(very slow cab day) in my driveway. If I get off early enough I'll head to the park and test the SWR. I'm a...
  6. Taxi Driver

    Amplifier Question

    What's the purpose of the pre-amp switch on the amp in the link? http://www.worldwidedx.com/general-cb-services-discussion/166146-another-any-info-amp-thread.html Thanks
  7. Taxi Driver

    Anyone Recognize This Radio? GECOL GV-2000

    Thanks for the info. Got it up and running. With the new antenna it pulls in skip as good as it did way back when.
  8. Taxi Driver

    New Menber. Found Old CB Setup

    I bought the Sirio Mag 145 Mag mount and Sirio 4000 antenna. Put the antenna right in the middle of the roof of my car. Played with the location. Got it hooked up and it works. SWR looks to be around 1:1.3 to 1:1.5 With power the SWR is a tick more. I only ran the amp on low. Didn't talk...
  9. Taxi Driver

    New Toy

    I clean up my own AR triggers. Takes 15 minutes or so. Makes a huge difference from a ordinary stock trigger. All you need is a fine whetstone and some JB's Bore paste or jewelers rouge. I leave the springs alone. It feels like a lighter trigger but it actually a lot smoother because of the...
  10. Taxi Driver

    Sirio Mag Base and Firestik Antenna?

    The mag mount got here today. Shipping from Kalifornia was four days. Faster than I thought. The box was mangled and the instructions are in Italian. I think I can make them out. The mount is in good shape. Still waiting for the antenna.
  11. Taxi Driver

    Anyone Recognize This Radio? GECOL GV-2000

    I met a Expert license holder in my cab. He'll help me with my current setup on the condition I get a Tech license. So I'm studying for a Tech license. 10 meter voice is my goal and I think I need a General license to get there. And a new radio.
  12. Taxi Driver

    Anyone Recognize This Radio? GECOL GV-2000

    I understood some of response. I'll have to research the rest. :confused1: I have no plans to screwdriver this radio. I want to get it running and use it in lieu of a proper export radio. Thank You
  13. Taxi Driver

    Anyone Recognize This Radio? GECOL GV-2000

    I'm resurrecting my antique 11m radio. I don't know much about it. The tag says it's a GECOL GV-2000. I bought it used in the mid 1990's A search on the internet turned up no specific info about this radio. There's a GV-2000 parts radio for sale in Thailand. That's the only specific...
  14. Taxi Driver

    Another "Any Info On This Amp?" Thread

    I may end up using it soon. I bought a proper Sirio antenna and mount from DNJ. Should be here in the next week or two. I picked up a fare the other day who happens to have an expert license. He's determined to help me get the Tech license What is the significance of MRF-455 transistors?