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Recent content by USXDriver

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    Random 250 question.

    Well? Not being an ass but why not test it before restoring it?
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    New toy Hackrf one with portpack

    So glad this wasn't possible for me to get my hands on as a kid. The phone phreaking was bad enough LOL
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    Rocketbox info thread !!! Made in the USA with a reasonable pricetag !

    Who else thinks WINKDOGG is Rocketbox? lol
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    SDR Transceiver 160 - 6m ASSEMBLED $275

    eBay item #141382104847 I have nothing to do with this listing but oh man what allot of radio for under $300 Yes QRP though.. Any thoughts?
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    "charger383" Any old members?

    What ever happend to him? If memory serves me right he use to own the forum? Thanks in advanced.
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    Ebay again

    I laughed my F????ng azz of at this!!!!
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    Running 1-2kW

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    MESSENGER 450 is available again

    "CoaxKid"... Now that brings back some memories.. LOL
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    DX contact with USXDriver

    Thats right I was on highway 412 headed east toward Tulsa in the diesel car. Never really messed with sideband on my Justin tuned Galaxy 99v with a texas star 350hd. I was really surprised to see the galaxy doing so good on sideband, I mean everyone knows these things can have issues on ssb...
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    Galaxy dx99v carrier on USB & LSB

    Showed up yesterday to pick up and radio works like new. No more carrier......... Thanks Justin, J.P.
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    Galaxy dx99v carrier on USB & LSB

    Yep took it to him just before six oclock today. He said leave it here and pick it up tommorrow. AWESOME... J.P. Riverside California
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    Galaxy dx99v carrier on USB & LSB

    Sorry bout posting in both places but after posting here I remembered that justin had his own section. Will probably bring it after work on friday. I get off at 6pm hope you will be there. I work in ontario near jurupa and milliken. Thanks everybody and thank you Justin! J.P. Riverside California