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Jan 30, 2010 at 4:29 PM
Dec 10, 2008
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Still Alive & Well, from 39° 19' 23" N X 74° 36' 30" W

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Jan 30, 2010
    1. WX2MIG
      Thank you. The Kenwood TS-130S is an old one, limited in it's functions, and the MFJ-949C is also an old unit with a few minor issues, but it gets me out. Would like to replace both with something new and more modern, but that takes money I just don't have right now. Some day I'll get there......
    2. Marconi
      Nice looking station you have there WX2MIG.
    3. WX2MIG
      I made those using heavy galvanized flat "L" brackets, bolted them between the frame and tow hooks, "U" clamped the 1 3/4" PVC pipe to them, then sprayed everything with a hammer finish paint that closely match the vehicle color.
      I had a real nice 4 rod rack I got from the Surfcaster's catalog years ago, it bolted right to the front license plate bracket, the problem with this Jeep Liberty is the fron bumper and license plate bracket are all plastic, no metal to bolt it to, so I sold them to a buddy, and had to jury rig this set up, but it works, and it doesn't look too bad.....
    4. Cajun Invader
      Cajun Invader
      Nice Jeep. Love the fishing rod holders on the front. That would be perfect for my neck of the swamps.
    5. WX2MIG
      I mounted my Yaesu FT-2800M on the transmission hump passenger side so it faces up and on a slight angle towards me while in the drivers seat. The Liberty just doesn't give you much room to work with.....
    6. park
      I see you have a Jeep Liberty. My wife has one with no radio installed but I've often wondered where I would mount one? Do you have a radio in yours?
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    39° 19' 23" N X 74° 36' 30" W
    How did you find WorldWide Radio Forum?:
    link posted at QRZ forum


    37OH - SSV - O773H
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