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    Things you've learned in life...general observations

    Never trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die...... Any man (or woman) that claims they have never masturbated is a liar..... Career politicians, no matter which party are all liars........ The vast majority of people given a position of authority can not handle it...
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    This is my take on this whole situation, be right or wrong, it's how I perceive this whole Emcom issue that's come up lately...... It's been no big secret that many in the emergency services who are also licensed amateur radio operators often crossed that blurry line between conducting...
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    Hey WX2MIG...how's your DStar adventure going?

    (I'll attempt to answer this a second time with hopes the host won't log me out before I hit reply......:confused1: Mole..... Of all the time I spend on the vhf / uhf bands, I'd say 20% of it is on D-Star right now. We have (3) 440 repeaters, (1) 2 meter repeater, and (1) 2 meter hot spot...
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    3.814 Bashing???

    No harm, no foul Joe, I'm sure it was a mixture of two things, my low power through a crap antenna, and that thing you mentioned about you guys being quick on the key......LOL HiDef.....I'd love to put up a doublet, but the way my yard is set up, the ladder line would drop straight into my...
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    3.814 Bashing???

    What I was referring to as being treated like a bastard stepchild..... I feel like a bastard stepchild on 3.814 because all you guys are running a lot of power through better antenna arrangements then I can stretch across my small suburban lot. Being limited to approximately 50 to 60 watts...
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    What Happend To The Marconi Net?

    Amen to that brother, I was driving the Parkway yesterday and actually made good time, haven't been able to do that since Memorial Day weekend hit..... As soon as I loose the foliage here, I'll work on getting a proper length on this wire, a couple more ground wires down, and shoot for a...
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    pl tone question

    Considering that I'm 52 and suffer from a mild form of industrial deafness, I can't say that I've ever detected the sound of a CTCSS tone on any radio, and that includes both amateur and the VHF radios used at work, and we use tones on our simplex frequencies as well as for our repeaters......
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    High End Audio and Power Question

    I also use the Heil GM-5, and the reason Heil makes mic's with that element, and also the HC-4 element, too push your audio through. I use my GM-5 on the broadband element when conditions are good and I share a strong signal with the station I'm having a QSO with, when conditions get weak, or...
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    What Happend To The Marconi Net?

    Trust me Chris, I've learned to take the 3.814 crew with a grain of salt as well, got no beef with either party and would like to keep it that way, but after spending some quality time on 3.814, and listening to the constant griping about Fred and his net, I started to get the picture after a...
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    What Happend To The Marconi Net?

    I haven't been on 80 meters for several weeks, I do know that the guy who runs the Marconi net can be a little hard to take sometimes, and he's always at odds with the crew from the north east that hangs on 3.814.00... Once the leaves fall off the trees, and I can lengthen my random wire...
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    Do insulated wire antennas pick up less static than bare copper?

    Stupid question number 67....... What is Verdigris......??
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    Howdy CYR, and welcome.... I've got a QSL card around here somewhere's from the Netherlands, made a 20 meter contact over there last winter.....
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    How to test a boat before buying.

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    Looking to buy 2m/70 mobile

    Rob, When I had my Yaesu FT-2800M it was "WIRES II" capable, so I looked into what it was, and what I'd need to use it. What I found is that it's a system of directly connecting your radio to the internet through WIRES II capable repeaters. I also discovered that there are only three of these...
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    Free Antivirus Software

    It's an American industrial standard, and it's call "Planned Obsolescence".... I believe Windows was planned and written to be vulnerable to damage and destruction so that a multi million dollar market for protective software could be bread to fleece the personal computer market. This is...